Diversity Casting

The Secret Santa- Directed by Geoffrey Madeja

IN Bloom- Directed by Chris Michael Birkmeier

The Last Rites of Joe May- Directed By Joe Maggio

The Five- Directed by Alex Kazan

Casting Female Models for Live Event

Casting female models between the ages of 18 to 27 for live promotional event set to take place in Chicago on Nov. 18th. Please send headshot/recent photo and contact information to awhitecasting@gmail.com

Audition Date: Oct. 24th

Compensation: $50/day 

Now Casting the action-thriller “True Grace”

Now casting the feature film action-thriller “True Grace” from Puissant Productions. Additional casting roles and character breakdown listed below.

Young Grace [Female][African-American][11-16] Grace was a foster kid growing up in a foster home for the majority of her life. She was given up at birth, and does not know whom her birth mother or father is. She is not determined to find them. She is determined to finish school, and purse a career in the justice department to prevent bad things from occurring to others. She wants to be the ultimate protector of the world, and studies hard to achieve this goal.

She wants to have a good relationship with Ashley, her stepsister, because she’s never had a sister. She was always the only girl in the foster house, which she lived. When ashely pushed Grace away after Leroy’s death, Grace was very hurt, and continued to try and keep a good relationship, but soon realized when her adopted father died, she lost the closest thing she had to a sister.

Young Ashley [Female][African-America][11-16] Ashley is very strong willed, and will do whatever she puts her mind to. She is not easily persuaded, and acts on her own. She loves being the center of attention, and will go to extreme cases to insure that is the case.

Being an only Child, Ashley was always catered too. She was always going out, and had a great relationship with her parents. When grace came into the house, Ashley was thrown off to knowing that she was no longer the only child. She began to notice how Grace had become the center of attention to her parent, and Ashley became jealous. With her jealousy, she snick out of the house in search of love elsewhere.

When Ashley’s father died, she began to blame Grace out of ignorance. There was no solid justification as to why Ashley did not care for Grace anymore. In Ashley’s mind, she believed had Grace not come into the family, Leory would still be alive.

Ramona [Early-Mid 20’s][African-America, Hispanic, Asian, or Indian] Ramona is Grace’s office assistant and second in common of operations. Ramona graduated with flying colors from Harvard Law School, and applied to the FBI, pursing her criminal justice career. She is a true lover of Justice, and will do whatever she can to make sure it’s served. She is a dedicated, and insures that things get down. She specializes in organizing teams, and hand-to-hand combats

Ramona is like the sister Grace never had. They get along very well, and love each other to the fullest. She loves to crack jokes, and keep the mood balanced. She is very strong-willed, and a great person to be around.

Send headshot and resumes-awhitecasting@gmail.com

Audition date: 6/28

Compensation: IMDB and Screen Credit


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